How To Create a 3D Earth in Blender 2.9 with EEVEE

As the title says, create the whole world in Blender! First, we introduce bringing in textures for the base colour, specular, and normals of the world. Then, we use Object Space coordinates to create the night side of the planet. Next, we use a transparent material to bring in the clouds and fake some atmospheric […]

Creating a Real Time Earth in Unity for WebGL

As part of my thesis I have been attempting to create a compelling view of the Earth in Extended Realities. Due to NYU’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic I have shifted focus from the highest possible quality in-person experience to something that runs in real time on the web. This is a brief overview of […]

Introduction to Shadergraph

Housekeeping Please mute your mic! If you have a question either use the hand thingy on zoom or just chime in with your voice (temp unmute = spacebar). I am recording this. If you’d rather not be included in the record message me offline and I’ll remove you. If I am going too fast, feel […]

Raycasting in Unity Part 1: Vectors

This is the first post in a three part series on Raycasting in Unity. The follow up posts are: Foundations of Raycasting Applications of Raycasting Find the code on GitHub Introduction Raycasting is the process of pointing (“casting”) a line (“ray”) in a direction and seeing what it hits. The process is useful for, among […]

AR Test

This is the first assignment for the class XR Studio Using AR Foundation in Unity I’ve created a window to a space scene. The planets are shaded using a custom simplex noise based shader for which the main code is below. The window is created by placing four planes with a VR/Occulsion materal around the […]