The Most Useless Dataset

The prompt was simple: create an open-source data set and publish it to GitHub. In an effort to make the world a less serious place the dataset that I’ve tried to create is an entirely useless one: it is a dataset of the people who have viewed the dataset. That was the intention, at least. […]

It’s a sign.

New York is a spectrum of signage, from aesthetic, informative, and concise information delivery systems to the most confusing array of seemingly random assortments of words and icons (the NYC street parking signs come into mind). A short walk around the Village garners a number of examples from across this spectrum. From within our own […]

Open Source Responsibility

The uniting theme that I noticed among this week’s many readings is the idea of responsibility. The Joreen piece speaks of the responsibility of a movement or group to structure itself in a manner most beneficial to the movement itself, not just theĀ elite within the movement. The Turner interview spans many varieties of responsibility, from […]

Analysis of Olly Moss Harry Potter cover

I have chosen to review the first in a series of covers designed by Olly Moss for the release of digital Harry Potter books. The single typeface used seems to be a custom font that emulates a neat paintbrush, sans serif, with regular lines. The colour palette consists of 3 main colours; orange, yellow, and […]

The Three Tenets of Open Source

I am historically a user of open source software far more than a contributor. While I hope that this will change over the coming semester, this reflection is written with that in mind. I have far from a holistic view of the open source software world. I am predominantly a user of Processing, p5.js, Blender […]

Transmitting data over light using PJON (Proof of Concept)

Today I learned that an LED can be used to both transmit light (the intended purpose) and also to receive light. A little bit of electricity is sent back along the anode when enough light is received by the LED. With some clever manipulation, this effect can be used to turn an LED into a […]