Junk: The Green Flashlight

The Work (in progress) The Inspiration The inspiration for this project came from another project I did a while ago, on a different continent, with far less electronics understanding than I have now. In short, I needed to light up and make “interactive” a sign, with no access to wall power. The result was A Hand […]

Benevolent D***tator

This is a response to one of Week 3’s readings, about the creator of Linux stepping down. I had no idea. For some reason in the back of my mind the Linux project was always associated with a grassroots, community-based, stick-it-to-the-man mindset. The few people I know who openly admit to being Linux power users […]

Blender Website Accessibility Audit

For this weeks assignment I have reviewed the Blender website with regards to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. I used the Chrome extension WAVE. The results of the WAVE test are not exactly outstanding. At first glance there are 22 errors and a number of alerts and notes thrown in to boot. The errors all […]

Visual Language Postcards Assignment

Part 1:  Poster Composition Poster v1 Poster v2 Poster v3 Part 2: ITP Show Postcard draft This design is a total shot in the dark. I wanted the initial grab to be simple and reflect the physicality of attending an ITP show; the playfulness. The image here is just a stock, I’m hoping over the […]