Growver is a solar powered rover with plants on it that intermittently seeks out the optimal light conditions for its plants. The first schematic for growver, in which we incorrectly placed the transistor. First soldered prototype of Growver Growver’s brains, wheels, and charging circuit in place Using Eagle to map out board for PCB milling […]

Modular 555 power cycler

Overview As part of the final for Energy, Rashida and I are dealing with 555 timer circuits and intermittently power cycling a rover. For this class I’d like to create a modular 555 timer circuit that is A) adjustable in its cycle, and B) modular in its use. Here are the schematic and calculations for […]

Three Battery/Cell Types

Last summer I tried my hand at building a drone. I learned a lot about drone battery use, and eventually settled on a 14.8V (4*3.7V), 4000mAh Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery with a 10C rating In my last job we occasionally would use the lead acid batteries you can get at most hardware stores. The standard […]

Powering an LED (round 3)

Last semester I got really into powering my fabrication projects with human power. This in turn built off a project I made a year or so ago, a hand cranked LED sign. All of these were kind of hacked together, so I look forward to approaching energy generation in a more formal context for this class. The […]