24 Hour Responsive Reading Lamp (Behaviour)

This post is a follow-up to the fabrication post about the same project. Still a work in progress. Overview Lamp: Mkr1000 + Hue + Neopixels The lamp is a combination of a Mkr1000, Neopixels, and Philips Hue. The Mkr1000 acts as a server, listening for http requests from the user-interfacing web-client, requesting time data from […]

24 Hour Responsive Light (Fabrication)

Similar to original Long Distance Reading Lamp, this bedside light is intended in its final form to connect people over distances. For this first iteration, however, my goal is to create a solid 24hr response cycle – a ‘default’ state, so that the lamp can work well as a standalone bedside light. After experimenting with […]

Light Readings from the Basement

721 Broadway apparently has really bad lighting in the basement… Main Lounge Area.Range under light: 110 -250 Lux Main Lounge Area (Workstation).Range at workstation: 16 – 100 Lux Corridor:Directly under fluorescent light: 410 LuxAverage: 16 – 110 LuxDark corner: 11 Lux

Philips Hue for Games: Beyond the Screen

Video games are framed by the computer screen. The world of the game exists within that rectangle, and the ‘real’ world exists around it. What if we use connected lighting systems to extend the environment of the game beyond the screen? For this project I have created a simple game of pong in which how […]

A Long Distance Lamp (Version 01)

Brief What I am intending to do and why. Long distance relationships are tough. There are many technologies that help to alleviate some of the difficulties of distance, such as video calling, instant messaging, even connected devices that simulate physical touching. Yet long distances remain hard. The solutions above all require an ‘active’ participation, each […]

Light Observation Week 5

The first thing I notice here is how bright the clouds appear. This is certainly an artefact of the camera as I do not recall the clouds being this bright – even with glowy New York underneath. This clip records 1 frame every 60 seconds. The timelapse accentuates some sort of flickering during the night […]