LDR Lamp Proposal

Idea For the next few weeks I’ll be working on a light fixture for Light and Interactivity. My light is inspired by the personal experience of being in a long term long distance relationship. My plan is to create two reading lights to go above the headboards of two separate beds. They will function in […]

Light Observation Week 4

This wasn’t taken this week, but I’ve had the footage for a while and thought this was a good opportunity to do something with it. The first thing that catches my eye in this timelapse is the vastly varying brightnesses as the clouds pass over the sun. It’s not something that we usually notice at […]

Lighting Observation Week 3

Very seldom do I leave the floor in time to witness the sun setting, which I lament greatly. It’s interesting that the sky is still quite bright, yet the streetlamp is clearly a hotspot in the image. I don’t think this is necessarily ‘Golden Hour,’ as the light is a little low for super romantic […]

Light Observation Week 2

There’s something really compelling about headlights gleaming on a wet road. Usually tarmac is so matte, but add a splash of rain and it becomes very reflective. The shape of the reflection is interesting; from the angle of the viewer the original source of each reflection is stretched out vertically. There is a lovely texture […]

Candle in the Wind (Version 002)

I have updated the candle so that it looks a little bit more like a candle. Although the assignment was to replicate the essence of a candle, not necessarily remake a candle in the literal sense, I decided to enclose my e-candle in a way that evokes the real deal. Since I’m going for the […]

Candle in the Wind (Version 001)

Week 2’s assignment for Light and Interactivity is to replace the look and feel of a candle, without the use of a flame. In class we were given an Adafruit Jewel; seven NeoPixels in a circle. What does it mean to be a candle? For the first prototype, aside from the colours within a flame […]


The first week’s assignment for Light and Interactivity was to experiment with different types of LED fades. The technical output was “create an uninterruptible fade. With these constraints I found an adequate box in the junk shelf, glued on some googley-eyes, and created ‘LightBot, the anxious robot’. Lightbot has a pleasant slow blue breathing when […]

Light Observation Week 1

This scene happened the day after the first class. With the idea of ‘observations’ fresh in my mind, one of the strangest lighting situations in my recent memory presented itself on a dazzlingly silver platter. The light at the end of this tunnel was overwhelmingly bright. This picture does no amount of justice to it: […]