Benevolent D***tator

This is a response to one of Week 3’s readings, about the creator of Linux stepping down. I had no idea. For some reason in the back of my mind the Linux project was always associated with a grassroots, community-based, stick-it-to-the-man mindset. The few people I know who openly admit to being Linux power users […]

Blender Website Accessibility Audit

For this weeks assignment I have reviewed the Blender website with regards to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. I used the Chrome extension WAVE. The results of the WAVE test are not exactly outstanding. At first glance there are 22 errors and a number of alerts and notes thrown in to boot. The errors all […]

The Most Useless Dataset

The prompt was simple: create an open-source data set and publish it to GitHub. In an effort to make the world a less serious place the dataset that I’ve tried to create is an entirely useless one: it is a dataset of the people who have viewed the dataset. That was the intention, at least. […]

Open Source Responsibility

The uniting theme that I noticed among this week’s many readings is the idea of responsibility. The Joreen piece speaks of the responsibility of a movement or group to structure itself in a manner most beneficial to the movement itself, not just theĀ elite within the movement. The Turner interview spans many varieties of responsibility, from […]

The Three Tenets of Open Source

I am historically a user of open source software far more than a contributor. While I hope that this will change over the coming semester, this reflection is written with that in mind. I have far from a holistic view of the open source software world. I am predominantly a user of Processing, p5.js, Blender […]