24 Hour Responsive Reading Lamp (Behaviour)

This post is a follow-up to the fabrication post about the same project. Still a work in progress. Overview Lamp: Mkr1000 + Hue + Neopixels The lamp is a combination of a Mkr1000, Neopixels, and Philips Hue. The Mkr1000 acts as a server, listening for http requests from the user-interfacing web-client, requesting time data from […]

24 Hour Responsive Light (Fabrication)

Similar to original Long Distance Reading Lamp, this bedside light is intended in its final form to connect people over distances. For this first iteration, however, my goal is to create a solid 24hr response cycle – a ‘default’ state, so that the lamp can work well as a standalone bedside light. After experimenting with […]

Light Readings from the Basement

721 Broadway apparently has really bad lighting in the basement… Main Lounge Area.Range under light: 110 -250 Lux Main Lounge Area (Workstation).Range at workstation: 16 – 100 Lux Corridor:Directly under fluorescent light: 410 LuxAverage: 16 – 110 LuxDark corner: 11 Lux

Modular 555 power cycler

Overview As part of the final for Energy, Rashida and I are dealing with 555 timer circuits and intermittently power cycling a rover. For this class I’d like to create a modular 555 timer circuit that is A) adjustable in its cycle, and B) modular in its use. Here are the schematic and calculations for […]

Philips Hue for Games: Beyond the Screen

Video games are framed by the computer screen. The world of the game exists within that rectangle, and the ‘real’ world exists around it. What if we use connected lighting systems to extend the environment of the game beyond the screen? For this project I have created a simple game of pong in which how […]

A Tiny Project

This week’s Homemade Hardware assignment is to do something interesting with an ATtiny. I have decided to make a useless light toy thing. Uploading code to an ATTiny is slightly more involved than to something like an Uno. Fortunately we can use an Uno as an uploading interface (as described on the class site). You […]