Visual Language Postcards Assignment

Part 1:  Poster Composition Poster v1 Poster v2 Poster v3 Part 2: ITP Show Postcard draft This design is a total shot in the dark. I wanted the initial grab to be simple and reflect the physicality of attending an ITP show; the playfulness. The image here is just a stock, I’m hoping over the […]

It’s a sign.

New York is a spectrum of signage, from aesthetic, informative, and concise information delivery systems to the most confusing array of seemingly random assortments of words and icons (the NYC street parking signs come into mind). A short walk around the Village garners a number of examples from across this spectrum. From within our own […]

Analysis of Olly Moss Harry Potter cover

I have chosen to review the first in a series of covers designed by Olly Moss for the release of digital Harry Potter books. The single typeface used seems to be a custom font that emulates a neat paintbrush, sans serif, with regular lines. The colour palette consists of 3 main colours; orange, yellow, and […]