A 2 player ruleset in service of aesthetic output.


This is a 2 player game. You will need 1 medium to large piece of paper, tape, and 2 pens or markers. Tape the paper down to a table.


  1. Draw a circle no more than 1 inch from the edge closest to you
  2. Count down from 3: 3-2-1 GO. On GO, draw an unbroken line from your circle to the opposite circle. The first player to get to the opposite circle wins the round. 
  3. At the end of the round, switch sides and go again. Best of 3 wins the game.

The Rules

  1. If you cross any other line, you lose the round.
  2. If you make physical contact with the other player, you both lose the round.
  3. If you rip the paper or lift your marker, you lose the game.