Project Files

  • Punch it
  • Engage
  • Jump
  • Make it so
  • FTL
  • fwoosh

Whatever you call it, travelling large distances in sci fi requires some sort of faster than light travel, and since the beginnings of cinema folks have been trying to find interesting ways of portraying the mechanics of those voyages.

Here I attempt to juice a hyperspace entry. I take inspiration from Star Wars, Star Trek (2009), and Battlestar Galactica (2003).

There are three beats I hope to hit:

  • A gradual crescendo increase in speed and warpness until some sort of threshold, where the ship seems almost ready to break through some barrier but can’t quite just.
  • The “Punch It” moment where you enter hyperspace and feel like OMFG
  • Dropping out of hyperspace. This should feel like reality folds back into existence around you and evoke a sense of vertigo.