A Drone Made Out Of Lego Part 1: The Forest

A Brief Introduction

I’ve been wanting to build a drone for a while because, well, it’s a drone and that’s cool. I figured my spin on the plethora of DIY drones out there could be that mine would be made out of Lego. The following is an overview of how I went about attempting the Lego drone, and a later post will go into more detail and cover the results of this experiment. Continue reading “A Drone Made Out Of Lego Part 1: The Forest”

A Hand Cranked LED Sign

This project came about when the Interactive Media team I was working with decided that we needed better wayfinding to our lab. We realised early on that any wayfinding of ours would absolutely have to involve flashy lights of some sort. The problem was that the corridors in our building have very limited access to power. Continue reading “A Hand Cranked LED Sign”