Introduction to Blender 2.8: Building a Spaceship

At the beginning of 2019, to try familiarise myself with Blender 2.8, I started a 100 Days of Making project, on the theme of spaceships. On one day I modelled a spaceship, the next I animated it.

In an attempt to share what I’ve learned, I’m running a workshop at ITP Camp centered around learning Blender by building a spaceship. The workshop is only 3 hours, so it certainly doesn’t cover everything there is to know, but hopefully it’ll give you a good jump start to your 3D modelling journey!

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The Spaceship!

100 Days of Making – Day 01

What better way to start a hundred days of spaceships than with the one that Benny (the super-enthusiastic ‘SPACESHIP!’ guy from the Lego movie) built.  In honour of Benny (and my) intense love of all things spaceship, this first craft is called “The Spaceship!”.

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