Blender 30/30 Day 17 – Chromatic Aberration

Today I was playing around with Blender’s compositing nodes. I created a node group that roughly simulates chromatic aberration. It’s not super accurate (does not simulate the way an actual round lens affects light), but in a pinch it’ll do. Find the blend file (with the node group) here!

Blender 30/30 Day 08: Hermit Elephants

Terry Pratchett describes the hermit elephant as the “strangest, and possibly saddest,” species on the Discworld. These creatures have thin skin, and must find another form of protection. A hermit elephant will walk into a village and lift a hut onto it’s back to use as a shell, not unlike a hermit crab. A herd […]

Blender 30/30 Day 07: Dandelions

Today’s sketch is the brainchild of @sachileith, who suggested I try put together a dandelion. It sounded like an interesting challenge, and though I didn’t manage to get the seeds blowing away in the wind like I’d originally intended, I reckon I’ve got a half decent field of the things: Experiments in particles, hair, and […]

Blender 30/30 Day 06: Volumetric Lighting

Taking a brief hiatus from the space theme of recent days, today I simply played around with volumetric lighting. It takes forever and a day to render this stuff, so it’s not particularly conducive to rapid iterations. I’m not exactly where I want to be on today’s sketches – but getting there. Files found here

Blender 30/30 Day 05: Spacewoman on the Ringworld

Today’s Blender sketch is my first dive into sculpting – I tried to make a terrain for the spacewoman to walk around on in Unity. I used the Ringworld from Day 02 as a skybox and the new terrain as the ground: Files found here (note: only blender files for now, though I may upload […]