Blender 30/30 Day 03: Spacewoman

Maintaining momentum from yesterday’s space-themed sketch, today I thought I’d try my hand at reference-based character modelling. Full disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to character modelling. This is a complete shot in the dark. I took a picture of my partner and just sort of started. I did not finish […]

Blender 30/30 Day 02: Ringworld

Today’s sketch is entirely derivative. I’ve just finished reading Larry Niven’s Ringworld, and though a lot of the book has not dated well at all, the sci-fi imagination of the author captivated me deeply. As a sort of homage/learning experience, today I tried my hand at creating a ringworld. Experiments in noise-based textures (the colourful […]

Blender 30/30 Day 01: Low Poly Mountains

In the spirit of self-improvement and play, I’m going to try and do something new in Blender every day for 30 days. I’ll log my progress and failures here. I decided to embark on this adventure earlier today while bored on a bus from London.  Today’s sketch is an experiment in low poly environments. Find […]

gLoves: a Christmas gift for nerds.

Introduction The gLoves are an attempt at reparations with my partner after spending four years together in Abu Dhabi. The UAE is a wonderful place, but its social norms frown upon even mild PDA. To make up for the many years of lost handholding, and considering that we’re now both in a place with bitter […]

A Drone Made Out Of Lego Part 1: The Forest

A Brief Introduction I’ve been wanting to build a drone for a while because, well, it’s a drone and that’s cool. I figured my spin on the plethora of DIY drones out there could be that mine would be made out of Lego. The following is an overview of how I went about attempting the […]