Create Asteroids in p5.js

In this guide you will learn how to create a simple physics-based asteroid-avoidance game. The easiest way to follow along is to use the p5 web editor. It’s free and open to anyone; to save you’ll need to create an account.

100 Days of Making: Spaceships

Happy 2019! The new year brings with it a new batch of classes I’ll be taking at ITP. One of the spring classes I’m particularly excited about is called “100 Days of Making”. In exchange for two whole credits I’ll be making something new every day for 100 days, and posing evidence on social media. […]

Blender 30/30 Day 05: Spacewoman on the Ringworld

Today’s Blender sketch is my first dive into sculpting – I tried to make a terrain for the spacewoman to walk around on in Unity. I used the Ringworld from Day 02 as a skybox and the new terrain as the ground: Files found here (note: only blender files for now, though I may upload […]

Blender 30/30 Day 03: Spacewoman

Maintaining momentum from yesterday’s space-themed sketch, today I thought I’d try my hand at reference-based character modelling. Full disclaimer: I have┬áno idea what I’m doing when it comes to character modelling. This is a complete shot in the dark. I took a picture of my partner and just sort of started. I did not finish […]

Blender 30/30 Day 02: Ringworld

Today’s sketch is entirely derivative. I’ve just finished reading Larry Niven’s Ringworld, and though a lot of the book has not dated well at all, the sci-fi imagination of the author captivated me deeply. As a sort of homage/learning experience, today I tried my hand at creating a ringworld. Experiments in noise-based textures (the colourful […]