Raycasting in Unity Part 1: Vectors

This is the first post in a three part series on Raycasting in Unity. The follow up posts are:

Find the code on GitHub


Raycasting is the process of pointing (“casting”) a line (“ray”) in a direction and seeing what it hits.

The process is useful for, among other things, placing and selecting objects, giving AI agents a sort of vision, and building hoverbikes or a flock of sheep.

This guide will walk through some of the foundational concepts, and then build some basic examples in Unity.

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Blender 30/30 Day 05: Spacewoman on the Ringworld

Today’s Blender sketch is my first dive into sculpting – I tried to make a terrain for the spacewoman to walk around on in Unity. I used the Ringworld from Day 02 as a skybox and the new terrain as the ground:

Files found here (note: only blender files for now, though I may upload the Unity project at a later date)