Happy 2019! The new year brings with it a new batch of classes I’ll be taking at ITP. One of the spring classes I’m particularly excited about is called “100 Days of Making”. In exchange for two whole credits I’ll be making something new every day for 100 days, and posing evidence on social media. Past projects have makings ranging from creative code to cubes, whales to maths.

I don’t have to think for too long to come up with a topic that I can enthusiastically engage with every day for over three months:

I have never identified with a character in a movie more than with whatever his name is (Benny) in the Lego movie. From the initial cautious optimism as he suggests his idea to the maniacal laughter as he builds the ship, this is the journey I have taken preparing for this class.

Each new ship will be inspired by a reference to science fiction, a speculative function, or a theme from the real world. I hope to write a short description with each vessel.

Through this class I hope to practice 3D modelling and animation. As such, on one day I will be creating the spaceship, the next I will be animating it. In 100 days I will have a fleet of 50 animated spaceships. At least that’s the plan.

I will be documenting my progress here, on this site, under this category. Since the course requires social media evidence, however, I will also be posting each new day’s work to Instagram @jameshosken

Wish me luck.